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Baby’s First Holiday

Baby's First Holiday

Available at Hamilton Island's Yacht Club Villas.

Since your tiny bundle of joy arrived you have devoted every waking moment and every ounce of energy to them. Baby comes first. And everything else, well that can wait. Nappies, feeding and countless sleepless nights.. it isn’t just tiring. It’s exhausting. You need sleep, you need some quality time with your other half, you need a bit of time to yourself to rejuvenate, and some relaxing family time away from it all. You NEED a holiday. And everything you need to holiday with Baby is on Hamilton Island.
If the mere thought of prepping, planning and packing all the things your baby might possibly need while you’re away makes your head hurt, Hamilton Island has just the thing to help you travel light.

With a selection of free of charge By Request items that can be ordered in advance and in your Yacht Club Villa on your arrival, we can help make your stay as relaxing as possible, saving the extra worry when packing for your holiday.